Angela Puca Speaker Shamanis,

Angela Puca Speaks on Shamanism

This talk was recorded on the 24th June 2020

About Our Speaker: Angela Puca

Angela Puca is a doctoral researcher at the University of Leeds – Leeds Trinity University and a Graduate Teaching Assistant at Leeds Trinity University. Her area of expertise encompasses Magic, Witchcraft, Paganism, Shamanism, Western Esotericism and related currents. She has a YouTube channel where she tackles these topics from an academic standpoint and has multiple peer-reviewed publications.  Her You Tube channel is here

About The Talk: Shamanism

Shamanism is becoming increasingly popular in the Western world, both in forms that mirror indigenous traditions and as new trans-cultural movements. 

Angela will cover the most popular forms of indigenous and trans-cultural shamanism in Europe, what their traits are and how they manifest. A special focus will be given to shamanic cosmology, how reality is constructed and the core practices found across different shamanisms (e.g. Shamanic Journey). 

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