The Panel of Speakers at our 2013 Conference (A Day with Ronald Hutton)

The Centre For Pagan Studies has an authoritative and academically approved list of speakers and lectures on most pagan and esoteric related subjects. Working closely with Professor Ronald Hutton (Bristol University), Rufus Harrington, Melissa Harrington, Vivianne Crowley, Philip Heselton, Marian Green, Julia Phillips, Yvonne Aburrow, and many more we are always pleased to arrange a dialogue whether it be a short telephone interview for a media presentation, or a lecture for a conference or pagan gathering.

Current list of speakers for Zoom Topics:

Richard Levy 

Yvonne Aburrow and Bob Houghton

Jennifer Uzzell

Timothy R Landry

Kevin Groves

Tom McArthur

Angela Puca

Rufus Harrington

Shai Feraro

Laura Kounine

having a conference or study day? – Contact us for speakers please.