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To be released on the 19th September 2020 Dark Mirror by Yvonne Aburrow. Available NOW for pre-order! from http://www.shop.doreenvaliente.org/

Dark Mirror: the Inner Work of Witchcraft, by Yvonne Aburrow
Dark Mirror By Yvonne Aburrow, release date 19 September 2020

“This is a book about how to relate your witchcraft practice to everyday concerns; living comfortably in your body; how to be at peace with yourself so you can help others. It is about the inner work of ritual: what happens on an inner level while the outer forms of ritual (gesture, movement, and speech) are going on. It enables you to develop more effective rituals by thinking about how ritual works.”

The Centre For Pagan Studies had long wished for its own in-house publishing facility. We started with our very first publication ‘The Charge of the Goddess’ (an expanded edition of Doreen Valiente poems) with many added pieces making the book nearly double the size of the now out of print ‘Charge of the Goddess’.

We’ve since republished ‘Where Witchcraft Lives’ in our own version having had a terrible experience with an existing publishing house that didn’t believe in paying royalties apparently. All the proceeds from our own publications go to the Doreen Valiente Foundation, a Registered Charity who carry out research into Pagan and Witchcraft history and share their work through books, talks, lectures and exhibitions.

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Like everything the Centre For Pagan Studies does, we aim for the highest standards and guarantee that all our publications will be valid to the pagan community. There are far too many books that are out there that are ‘woo woo’, in other words they are ill informed, ill researched, and do not reflect the information that we would wish to impart to our audience, you deserve better than that.

The other thing is that we have found to our own personal cost that in general authors are not respected by their publishers, treated more as a commodity than an artist and many times poorly paid or even not paid at all! (This happened in our case before we decided to be masters of our own destiny in the publishing world).

Because of our negative experiences and that of others to whom we have spoken we have done our research, and tapping into our trustees experience in publishing, we are now in a position to offer the same world wide distribution as everybody else. There is one other bonus we promise that you will be paid better, and on time for your work. Plus, instead of the remaining profits going into private pockets, all of the profits from our publishing endeavour will be used to support the Doreen Valiente Foundation. So this is a real WIN – WIN SITUATION!

So if you are an author in our genre (we are not really looking for teaching books about the practices of Witchcraft or Paganism, we feel that Doreen Valiente covered that market rather effectively herself!) but we are interested in books about Witchcraft, it’s history, it’s study as well as creative works like poetry and prose . . . .  so if you are an author the next thing you should be writing is an email to us at  publishing@doreenvaliente.org and sending us a synopsis of your work.

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