image of Irish girl on horse, with extract of prayer to GoddessEpona

Invocation to Epona December 18/2020

Hail! Mother EPONA

Great Horse Goddess of my heart,

ride swiftly and gather the lost souls unto You,

You who hold the keys to the other-world.

Enfold them all in your loving embrace,

You who are the Mother of the world.

Ancient One of the distant plains,

Take thy kinfolk home,

Let their spirits forever ride with You through soft green pastures,

Feel the love of thy tender care,For you are the mother of all ,

The Guardian of the dark into light,

The protector of souls.

EPONA who knows the joys and sorrows of the heart,Grant peace upon the living/

Succour those who are left behind.

Oh Mother hear my voice, Take them upon thy steed and race across the plains of desolation,

Let them feel the freedom from the pain and anguish they suffer,

Surround them with love and peace.

EPONA send out thy riders to all the lands of the earth,

Carry aid from every corner of the globe to these stricken lands.

Give of thy bounty,

Reach into each and everyone’s heart,

Let them feel mercy for all whose life has been shattered.

Help them rebuild,

Give them comfort in the lonely days to come,

Oh Mother strengthen thy children,

Give them the strength and purpose to go on,

All this I ask great Mother, whose compassion knows no bounds and knows my heart.

Thank you Goddess EPONA Stay if you will

Go if you must

Hail and Farewell.

By Elaine Hindle

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