Dark Mirror: the Inner Work of Witchcraft, by Yvonne Aburrow

Reviews of Dark Mirror

We recently announced the publication of Dark Mirror: the Inner Work of Witchcraft. Here’s what a few of our reviewers had to say about it.

In some ways I liken the inner work of witchcraft to Luke learning to “Feel the Force” in Star Wars. Feeling the Force is essential for anyone who wants to be a Jedi in the movie; feeling the energy of the web of life is fundamental for anyone who wants to be a real witch. This book teaches how to do that. The web of life, of course, includes the world around us, the cycles of nature and our relationships with others. Dark Mirror moves on from explaining how to become more attuned to our own feelings, to ways of sensing the connection between ourselves and all of these seemingly external things.

– Lucya Starza,

I like Yvonne’s books; they always think of things that other people don’t think of.

– Professor Ronald Hutton, University of Bristol,
Trustee of the Doreen Valiente Foundation

Dark Mirror will make you think why as well as how you work your magic wherever you are on the rainbow of human experience. LGBTQIA+ needs, expectations and impressions have never been so well explored in all aspects of magical practice.
This book is for absolutely everyone from those who have been leading a Pagan life for years as it reminds them and gives fresh options for doing things to the wonderful new generation of folk who are Witch curious. This is a very readable and reliable textbook for everyone to understand with ease.

– Geraldine Beskin,
The Atlantis Bookshop, London, UK.

We should not only be guardians of the past but contribute to the Wicca of the future.

– Rufus Harrington,
Trustee of the Doreen Valiente Foundation

In an extremely pragmatic way, Yvonne brings us to the edge of the Circle and then reminds us that…“When Wiccans enter a sacred circle, we leave our personal baggage behind – but we do not leave our identities behind. When we enter the circle, we bring our whole selves into the presence of the deities – our identity, our gender, our sexual orientation, our politics, our concerns for the Earth.” She also reminds us that what people do in the Circle is not the same as what is written down in the Book of Shadows. Indeed!  Inviting us to examine many different aspects of Initiatory Wicca, this book is aimed at both initiates and non-initiates. It could certainly be used as the basis of a coven training programme but is also invaluable for the solo practitioner.

– Morgana Sythove,
Pagan Federation International

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