A Midsummer Night’s Dream

Contrast from the dawn,
When as the sun rose to coincide
With my archway and I did see
The sun sitting atop my tree
As I did eat breakfast outside.

So in the eve that longest day
After sun faded, fit to sleep
And solar lights round archway lit
It was then that we two saw fit
To read every Act and verse.

By green and yellow candle light
Witnessed by cats and twinkling stars.
We re-enacted the Comedy
Of lovers,actors and fairy
Robin, Puck, Helena, Oberon.

And many more, with voices made.
To differentiate between the players.
And ‘Is it my line?’as we try
Two people to make all voices cry
In a Midsummer nights dream.

It did work well as made us smile
Though we worked hard for ethnicity
And pretended to close the curtains at ends of acts
At which time would be the yowls of fighting cats
And sensor lights turned on like the House Lights.

It made me wonder if Puck was there
Playing his tricks imitating felines.
Perhaps the moths were fairies too
As we called out in the night of black and blue.
An audience otherworldly; them to amuse.

Jo Cousins 22/6/17

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