Let Bealtaine’s Bonfire Begin – poem

You have stolen my heart away.
Like the fairies of old,
You have had your sway.
Bonfires burning,
Loved ones returning.
What more could a man ask for?

Bealtaine’s Summer heat,
Has us dancing,
Risking fire feat.
Oh for our youth,
To once again know youth’s own truth,
That life is for living and Loves afoot.

Tomorrow the flames burn in my heart and memory.
Memories releasing smiles, stifled laughter and giggles.
I have no home without all the love of those gone past.
And their laughter and love makes me strong.
So burn May fires burn,
Even if they are only in memory.
Even if they are only in Love.

In Love’s glow is the fire of the heart.
The eternal bonfire of the soul.
The place where all dreams begin,
Die and are rekindled.
In Love’s spark is the hope of the World,
And the balance of all the things that are right,
And beautiful.

Come dance and sing,
Let Bealtaine’s Bonfire begin.
Let your Love shine,
And set the World on fire with your love.

By Dagda Segais / Brian
29 / 04 / 2019

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