Summer is Cummin by Elaine Hindle

The Summer is a cumin in
And every living thing can feel it
The central beat of mother Earth
As her heart beats faster to meet the dawn
The sun in all his majesty rises up to meet her
Covering the earth in golden splendour
The budding branches open their flowering faces to the light
Beautiful myriad hues of colour flowing over the fields
The Goddess raiment dappled bright in the sunshine
The deep throated laughter of the God holding Summer court
And all is well with the world as the wheel turns once more
All is growing all is fertile the Mother’s womb is full of promise
As the days lengthen into the languid warm of Summer
The Joyous months of picnics on the high hills
Trips to the beach splashing in pools of coolness
And balmy nights on the porch watching the sun set
Glorious in the west
All this and more are the gifts they give us
For we are blessed

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