Photo of Jennifer Uzzell Speaker at Centre For Pagan Studies

Title: “What is remembered lives.” by Jennifer Uzzell

Photo of Jennifer Uzzell Speaker at Centre For Pagan Studies
Jennifer Uzzell

Date: Thursday 15th October at 19:30 UK time
About: This talk explores afterlife beliefs, a bit about funerals and death ritual, and a bit on my own research into landscape, memory and death and grief theory.
Speaker Bio: Jennifer Uzzell is a PhD student at Durham University working under the auspices of the Centre for Death and Life Studies and based in the department of Theology and Religion. She is conducting research into death rites among contemporary Druids in the UK including funeral ritual and natural burial. In addition to her PhD research, which she is conducting on a part time basis, she is also co-owner and director of a progressive funeral home that forms part of a growing movement in the UK towards greater openness, honesty and authenticity in the way funerals are arranged and conducted In this capacity she has helped to re-imagine and design funeral rituals that are relevant to those involved and has provided help and advice with ‘home funerals’. She is also a Religious Education Consultant, who has worked in a number of capacities for the Religious Education Council of England and Wales, and a senior examiner in Religious Studies. As well as Druidry, her academic interests include Hinduism, Buddhism, the Philosophy of Religion and Ethics.
Contact: Jennifer Uzzell.

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