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Trefor Wickens

Trefor Wickens born 2nd May 1964

Trefor Is a British Traditional Witch/ Cunningman from a family background of folk magic which he has practiced since childhood. He has been involved in various forms of magical practices and ritual since the age of 11yrs, including clairvoyance and clairaudience. Regularly interacting with human and non-human spirits from the age of 4yrs he quickly got used to balancing the normal and spiritual worlds.

Working primarily with nature based magic with a particular focus on Herb magic and medicine, having apprenticed with a medical herbalist for 7 years. His main focus in his practice is the use of folk magic, both historically and every day use.

Also a practitioner of various forms of ritual magic including Abramerlin, Solomonic and Egyptian styles in the past, which have been brought into his practice in the area of house clearances and exorcisms

He also ran a number of pagan groups over the years, along with celebrating seasonal festivals in an accessible form open to people of all faiths, in the London area.

Based in London and Dorset, where he regularly runs workshops and groups on a wide range of esoteric subjects, including magical herbs, shamanism, folk magic, witchcraft, astral projection, divination and dowsing. One of his popular open events are bi annual fairy walks in local woodlands, where he introduces people to nature spirits and ghosts.

With a background in Anthropology he focused on the Shamanic aspects of British folk tradition and teaching academic and practical methods of cross cultural shamanism and traditional folk magic in historical and contemporary settings.

Shakespeare Herbal Charms and Spells

He will be presenting a talk on the use of Herbs in their magical context in the works of Shakespeare and the Elizabethan era looking at these features:

Herbs used by the Bard and there contemporary magical applications both those used in the plays and in contemporary records

Historical Folk Magic

Practical application in modern world

Shakespeare’s sources

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