Kevin Groves

Topic: Symbolism Magic Kemetic Magic

Symbolic Magic by Kevin Groves

About Our Speaker: Kevin Groves is a Kemetic and Chaos Magic practitioner from Kent, who from a young age began to, and still works, almost exclusively with the Egyptian goddess Selket within a Kemetic and Chaos Magic framework as magician, healer and mentor. A contributor to Children Of Artemis events and many local pagan projects and groups, his first book ‘A Path Laid Bare’ is available from The Wolfenhowle Press, with his ‘House Of Kiya’ series of booklets on various magical subjects and a new series on Kemetic practice available 2021. Also founder of, a home for UK kemetic folk and

About the Talk: Symbolism, Sigils, trance, visualisation, and other practices that depend on an active and creative imagination, have been used by the magicians of their societies, century after century since man first painted on walls of caves. Why is symbolism so powerful? Why do we find such universal Appeal and success using it? Kevin discusses various approaches he has used over the decades drawing on Kemetic symbolism woven with chaos magic techniques and concepts: What worked, what didn’t, how linkage was made between imagination and the physical.

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