The Trust

The Trust for the Doreen Valiente Archive. We have now set up the trust which now owns the artefacts bequeathed to John Belham-Payne by Doreen Valiente and its remit is to safely preserve these precious items for the posterity and heritage of our pagan religions. See our Trustees page on the Doreen Valiente website Click the link for information on membership of the Doreen Valiente Foundation



The sourcing of a premises for the exhibition and work of the Trust as noted above to be called as a working title in keeping with Gerald Gardner’s original work – the Museum of Magic and Witchcraft. Currently we have a temporary exhibition which satisfies some of this need but is limited by geographical borders etc.


Blue Plaques Project

Memorials to mark and honour the work of people who have done much for the pagan community. The first Blue Plaque was the Doreen Valiente Plaque. We have been working on this for a number of years with Brighton and Hove City Council and we are pleased to announce that Doreen’s Plaque was installed on the wall at the apartments where she lived for 30 years and the location where she did most of her seminal writing. The event took place on the Summer solstice this year – 21st June 2013. please see photos here

The second Blue Plaque is for Gerald Gardner and is to be place upon the wall of the house he lived in during the war years and it was from this house he walked to his initiation into the New Forest Coven in 1939 It is to be unveiled on Friday June 13th at 16:00 hours and the event information can be found here



  • Our very first book ‘Charge of the Goddess, Expanded Edition’ is now available for purchase, and all the proceeds go to the Doreen Valiente Foundation.
  • Our second book is now available, it is the paper back version of “Where Witchcraft Lives” and by purchasing from us, you will be supporting the Doreen Valiente Foundation.
  • Republishing “Where Witchcraft Lives” NEWS! this project has now come to fruition in the form of a numbered limited edition and to get your numbered edition now please Click here to purchase books.
  • NEWS! We have now commissioned biographer Philip Heselton to write the biography of Doreen Valiente and have started to collect memories and information from everyone who knew her or has some personal story about her.