“Kitchen Table Talks”

Tune into our Zoom talks and learn with us. Registration is free and we are truly honoured to include in our first block such illustrious speakers as Richard Levy (Jewish Magic), Jennifer Uzzell (General Paganism) Timothy R Landry (Vodou) and Yvonne Aburrow and Bob Houghton (Folk Magic), Angela Puca (Shamanism, Pagan Magic) Kevin Groves (Kemetic Tradition), and Tom McArthur (Greek Papyri).

Upcoming Talks

2nd August 2020 16:00 UK time – Kevin Groves on symbolic Magic. Please visit his page to register for his talk: http://centre-for-pagan-studies.com/kitchen-table-talks-with-the-centre-for-pagan-studies-speakers/symbolic-magic-talk-kg01/

9th August 2020 16:00 UK time – Tom McArthur presents his knowledge of Greek Magical Papyri and exploring Aleister Crowley’s Bornless Rite. Please visit his page to register for his talk: http://centre-for-pagan-studies.com/kitchen-table-talks-with-the-centre-for-pagan-studies-speakers/an-introduction-to-the-greek-magical-papyri/

Previous Talks, with recordings added to them !!

23rd May Richard Levy “Revelations of the Labyrinth of the Mind” Recording can be seen here: http://centre-for-pagan-studies.com/speakers/speaker-richard-levy/

6th and 13th June Jennifer Uzzell “What is Paganism, Parts one and two

Both recordings can be seen here: http://centre-for-pagan-studies.com/speakers/jenniferuzzell/

24th June 2020 at 15:00 hours UK Time – Angela Puca Please visit her page to register for this talk: http://centre-for-pagan-studies.com/kitchen-table-talks-with-the-centre-for-pagan-studies-speakers/angela-puca-zoom-talk-ap01/

5th July 2020 at 16:00 hours UK time Timothy R Landry Title: “Vodou, Secrecy and the Search for Divine Power”. Please visit his page to register for this talk: http://centre-for-pagan-studies.com/kitchen-table-talks-with-the-centre-for-pagan-studies-speakers/registration-page-tl01/

12th July 2020 at 19:30 UK time Yvonne Aburrow and Bob Houghton present their talk entitled “Folk Magic”. Please visit their page to see the recording of their talk: http://centre-for-pagan-studies.com/speakers/speaker-yvonne-aburrow-and-bob-houghton/

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