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Contact the Centre For Pagan Studies
Contact the Centre For Pagan Studies

Books! Books! Books! Did you know that the Centre For Pagan Studies is in its 20TH YEAR OF PUBLISHING!! Our very first book was “Charge of the Goddess” in 2000 as a response to Doreen Valiente’s wish for her poems to be published. Since then we have blazed the trail, publishing manuscripts from such illustrious authors such as Doreen Valiente, Patricia Crowther, Arnold Crowther, Philip Heselton and our latest author, Yvonne Aburrow. We are always ready to look at manuscripts with a view to publication. If you are an author and would like to have your name associated with our worthies contact us now!

We are always pleased to hear from you. If you are an author and want to submit your manuscript or if you would like to book one of our speakers for an event you are planning

Please contact us:

enquiries at centre dash for dash pagan studies dot com

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