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A complex pattern of diverse rites and beliefs, shamanism is a tribal religion in societies without a literary tradition. Healing is one function of the shaman and the most important along with prophecy. The shaman uses mystical powers to journey to other worlds or realities and communicate with spirits in order to bring about a balance between the physical and spiritual worlds. Information resources can be found here: and here:



Sangarel passed away on February 28th 2006.

Sarangerel helped to organize the first Ulaan Tergel ceremony in Mongolia since the Communist regime. This Ulaan Tergel ceremony has become an annual event in Mongolia and is a testament of her dedication to keep the old traditions alive. Sarangerel took her Foreign Outreach office seriously and spent many years teaching people in Western countries about Siberian and Mongolian traditions. She wrote books about our spiritual world view and had many articles published as well. She spent countless hours corresponding with people, trying to clear up the many misconceptions about our beliefs. The best quality she possesed was her immense dedication to the spirits and the traditions of her people. She lived her life in complete service to the spirits. She will be greatly missed. Her work shall be carried on by her family, her friends, her students, and her peers. I pray in this way we can keep her memory alive. See for more information