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2015 Artwork Competition & Book Publication

We are delighted to announce that following our competition for artwork, there were not one but TWO winners whose work was chosen for use in our new publication. We can now reveal very proudly that "Witches Were For Hanging", a novel by Patricia Crowther will now be published by The Centre For Pagan Studies & The Doreen Valiente Foundation with a release date of 1st May 2015. You can pre-order your copy from the Doreen Valiente web shop here.

The two winners were Laura Bell and Mikki Fraser who both entered work that Patricia herself picked out from a stack of really high quality entries. Patricia was realy stuck by Laura's moon and the intricate detail of Mikki's noose and faux-woodcut design and told us she couldn't not have both. So naturally we complied and the result is obviously a great fit:


We want to thank all the entrants to the competition for their generous submissions, the winners will receive packages containing copies of the book and a number of other CFPS/DVF goodies and the knoweldge that they have contribued to the charitable aims of the Foundation to whom the publishing proceeds will also go.