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“Hermetic Meditation A system of meditation for Wiccans Pagans and those inspired by the western initiatory tradition.”

Speaker: Rufus Harrington

Date: Sunday 15th November at 19:30 UK time
About: Rufus Harrington invites you to an evening of mystery and magic. He learned Hermetics in his own training in an Alexandrian Coven in the 1980’s. He now trains students from all over the world. If you would like to experience the magic of this system He will provide an introductory workshop for the DVF. He will explain how the system works and then lead you on a Hermetic meditation to give you an experience of the remarkable impact this type of meditation can have.
Speaker Bio: Rufus Harrington is a Trustee of the Doreen Valiente Foundation. He was a friend of Doreen Valiente. He is a Wiccan Priest initiated in 1983, and has trained and initiated Priests and Priestesses ever since. He is also a psychotherapist and Senior University Lecturer. He has trained over 200 psychotherapists to work in British National Health Service. He recently won a national award for his innovative Wiser Mind Resilience training programme and he plays drums in a band!

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