The Team

The Directors

Julie Belham-Payne

co-founder of the Centre For Pagan Studies and also a trustee of the Doreen Valiente Foundation, Julie lends her expertise to the CFPS with her admin skills and wide knowledge of project management.

Emlyn Price

Director of the Centre For Pagan Studies and also a trustee and chair of the Doreen Valiente Foundation. Emlyn’s expertise is essential in the smooth running of the two organisations

CFPS Volunteer Team

My name is Julie Weltch, I have only recently become a volunteer for the CFPS but I have been interested in and have supported the work that the Centre does for quite some time and I feel it is one of the most important organisations within Paganism at present. My role is a relatively small one at the moment, I am admin for the Facebook page but I value my role because keeping the social media side of the Centre is an important cog in the machine that keeps everything working smoothly and keeping the public up to date with what is happening in the Centre what projects are coming up, thus maintaining interest and hopefully stirring up new interest as well. As a Pagan, I am involved in a few other projects as well, I help run a Pagan federation affiliated moot called the Three Hares moot in Portsmouth, I am also RC for the PF and I run a Lyceum (teaching group) affiliated with the Fellowship of Isis and offer celebrant and spiritual services to my local community.

My name is Alison Jane Beer I live in Hertfordshire and although I have always followed a spiritual pathway I have only been a Pagan for 3 years . The most amazing journey of self discovery which culminated in the museum of witchcraft Boscastle and Sennan cove Cornwall. I joined the Chiltern Nemeton Grove and have completed my training as an Ovate . I am a solitary witch and happily study and love the serendipity of my path. I attend the many moots in Hertfordshire and have met the most amazing people, I find the Pagan pathway fascinating as the members are all so different the freedom to express oneself I feel empowered by the whole journey. joined the Centre for Pagan Studies to further my knowledge and for my love of Doreen Valiente her writings inspire me, and I feel that she talks directly to me from the page. Her writing is so clear and straight forward with humour and humanity, and as I was never lucky enough to meet her I was fascinated to see some of her tools that John bought to a pagan Federation conference a couple of years ago. So when volunteers for thought for the day were asked for I was happy to offer to help.