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Doreen Valiente The Mother of Modern Witchcraft. Image of Doreen with one of her many altars Circa 1998
Doreen Valiente – Mother of Modern Witchcraft – Our Patron

Formed in 1995 by John and Julie Belham-Payne and based in an 18th Century barn in the grounds of their home in Sussex England. The Centre was put together as a resource facility for those wishing to learn for themselves, more about the ancient religions of the world. The C.F.P.S. provides accurate information in lecture form from a number of eminent speakers on a variety of Pagan (mostly historical) based themes. Doreen Valiente was our Patron.

Now, in 2020, the CFPS performs it’s functions online, with academic speakers on many topics and esoteric interests. See our speakers pages

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