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In Memoriam
Wilf Bourne, husband of Lois.
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YouTube project: "What Doreen Means to Me"

You can be part of this amazing project - see details here.


Our Tribute to Sir Terry Pratchett
Terry Pratchett has done several great services to the pagan community and the true Craft of the Wica: Read More

Welcome to the Centre For Pagan Studies

Doreen Valiente - Our Patron Formed in 1995 by John and Julie Belham-Payne and based in an 18th Century barn in the grounds of their home in Sussex England. The Centre was put together as a resource facility for those wishing to learn for themselves, more about the ancient religions of the world. The C.F.P.S. did however provide accurate information in lecture form from a number of eminent speakers on a variety of Pagan (mostly historical) based themes.

Doreen Valiente was our Patron